Character Diversity

This week we are focusing on the topic of diversity and how it applies to your writing. For this article, your panelists from the week 1 Live Characterization Discussion Panel are back to share our views with you.   What are diverse characters, and what does it mean to have diversity in your stories? DamonWakes It’s hard … More Character Diversity

Creating Conflict

Thou shalt have conflict on every page Adding conflict to your story is just as important as tension and character development. It adds tension to a story by creating a level of uncertainty. The reader knows there are two opposing forces, and has no choice but to keep reading in order to find out who … More Creating Conflict

Body Building

When Doctor Frank saw the flyer on the back of the men’s locker room door he felt a sudden rush of excitement. He loved competitions, and this just happened to be something he excelled in. It would be foolish not to enter. Hurrying home, Doctor Frank went straight to his lab and pulled on his … More Body Building

The Ninth Circle

My new serial project has officially kicked off. The Ninth Circle is a series about two sisters from Dublin who spend their spare time hunting the demonic network responsible for all organised crime in the city.   Tala Morgenstern has always embraced her life as a demon hunter. Her sister, Aiva, can’t wait to get away from … More The Ninth Circle