Mercy – Available Now!

The Ninth Circle – Mercy is finally here. This series has been many years in the making, and is finally complete. Find out what happens to Tala, Aiva, Lisana, and others as they battle the underworld hordes that threaten all of Ireland, and the world.

A new wave of demons runs amok throughout Dublin, bringing the city to its knees. Ancient and terrifying creatures are being drawn out of the depths, the likes of which Earth has not seen in centuries. The Morrígan can sense that war is coming, and the goddess is determined to be ready, whatever the cost to her hosts.

Lisana grapples with her developing conscience, and the implications of her own existence as a free-thinking demon, while Tala struggles to understand the meaning of the second chance she has been given.

Aiva knows she needs to better understand her powers if they are to have any hope of defeating the rising forces of darkness. For that she must find her father, which means going somewhere the sisters have never been: heaven.

All the while, the threat against humanity grows. The Four Horsemen are leading the charge, and unless the sisters can find a way to stop them, the devil himself will soon be free.

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