Sol.Terra – Another World Art Competition

To celebrate the recent launch of the Sol.Terra Complete Collection I have decided to run a multimedia competition in which you can win a Free Copy of the book for yourself! This competition is open to both visual and literature artists, and is being run through DeviantArt. Enter either a drawing, painting, or short story (under 1500 … More Sol.Terra – Another World Art Competition

Tell Me About Blue

Seeing colour is a luxury for the rich. With all the other augmentations and genetic upgrades that had become available over the last century, Jacob guessed it was only a matter of time before they started going the other way. Jacob was born into the lower classes, his colour vision stripped from him before birth. … More Tell Me About Blue


David liked driving forklifts. He was the best forklift driver Constructech had. He never missed a pallet, and things alway got where they needed to go, in one piece. Working on the new SuperEnergy plant had been a particular treat for him. So many important and delicate pieces of equipment needed to be brought in, … More Awakeness

Quantum Entanglement

The office was a flurry of activity when I entered. No doubt it had been this way ever since the Endeavour entered a stable orbit. Two centuries of planning, prep and endless waiting, and for the first time, mankind had reached another star. “Rosen?” A hard voice called across the medley of movement and chatter. … More Quantum Entanglement