Character Diversity

This week we are focusing on the topic of diversity and how it applies to your writing. For this article, your panelists from the week 1 Live Characterization Discussion Panel are back to share our views with you.   What are diverse characters, and what does it mean to have diversity in your stories? DamonWakes It’s hard … More Character Diversity

World Building – The Core Elements of Cultures

One of the most interesting, and also time consuming, parts of speculative fiction writing is the world building. There are numerous tools online to help you figure out what you need to think about, and also give you inspiration, but even then, the art of world building can take weeks, even years. Many writers are … More World Building – The Core Elements of Cultures

Project Olympus

A thief and a billionaire, a student and a retiree, a killer and a doctor. When a military experiment in their home city goes wrong, these 6 individuals will have their lives changed forever. Granted powers they could never have dreamed of, they will learn that only by working together can they defeat their own … More Project Olympus

The Ninth Circle

My new serial project has officially kicked off. The Ninth Circle is a series about two sisters from Dublin who spend their spare time hunting the demonic network responsible for all organised crime in the city.   Tala Morgenstern has always embraced her life as a demon hunter. Her sister, Aiva, can’t wait to get away from … More The Ninth Circle

New Project Coming

If you follow me in other areas of the online world, you may have heard mention of a new project I have in the works, and I’m very excited to say that it will be kicking off next week! The project is called The Ninth Circle and will be another episodic serial, like Sol.Terra. So far it … More New Project Coming