SOL.TERRA is a two-part series. Each complete book is made up of twelve sequential episodes. These episodes each detail a story or adventure of the two main characters, Cal and Pia. When combined they make up a complete novel.

NEW! You can now get the whole Sol.Terra series in a single edition with the Sol.Terra Complete Collection. This beautiful paperback combines both book 1 and book 2 of the Sol.Terra series. It also features a special BONUS EPISODE, which is not included in either of the individual books.

Sol.Terra - The Leap

Sol.Terra – The Leap

After a devastating attack by the Agroaki Battle Fleet, planet Earth finally agrees to ally itself with the Intergalactic Union and becomes known as Sol.Terra. Pia, a Terran girl desperate to get off-world, bargains her way onto a Union bounty-hunter’s ship to ride across the galaxy. Cal, the ship’s pilot from the planet Lomara, isn’t so keen on rounding up illegal immigrants as he is trying to uncover the biological link that connects more than half the Union’s registered species, including humans. Together the pair discover that the secrets of life in the universe go far deeper than either could have imagined.

Book One: THE LEAP is available to purchase as an ebook or paperback from Kindle and Amazon:

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Read the first chapter here:

Episode 1: Terra DaySol.Terra – Episode 1: Terra Day

Cal stepped into the doorway of his shuttle and raised a hand to shield his eyes. The light on Terra was so harsh, particularly this continent. He reached into his coat and pulled out the tinted glasses and the bio-scanner he carried.

Sol.Terra - The Originals

Sol.Terra – The Originals

Following the shocking discovery of Alezia’s plans for the universe, Cal and Pia part ways. However, their separation won’t last for long. Cal returns to Sol.Terra with a new job and a new question begging to be answered. But he cannot find the truth alone. Together, he and Pia embark on a quest to discover one thing: Were the Alezians right?

Book Two: THE ORIGINALS is available to download as an ebook or paperback from Kindle and Amazon:

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Sol.Terra – Complete Collection

S.T CC 6x9_Front cover smallThis beautiful paperback combines both book 1 and book 2 of the Sol.Terra series into a single edition. It also features a special BONUS EPISODE, which is not included in either of the individual books.


SOL.TERRA – COMPLETE COLLECTION is available for purchase as a paperback from Amazon:

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Want to learn more about how SOL.TERRA came together? Take a look at Twelve Weeks of Writing.

Sol.Terra Wallpaper


View all accompanying artwork for the Sol.Terra series.



IU emblemIntergalactic Union

The Intergalactic Union was initially formed as a cooperative endeavour of the sister planets Eadilon.Tentarvo and Eadilon.Larpa.



Milky_WayGalaxy Map

A map of the Milky Way galaxy showing the locations of the planets in Sol.Terra

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