Planets and Characters

Want to know a little more about each planet, or who comes from where? Check out below for a list of the worlds visited by Cal and Pia, and the characters who inhabit them.

IU map


Intergalactic Union Members:


Classification: Non-Larpanoid.

Kripkechians are small and short-lived. They are known for moving and speaking very quickly. Kripkechians have strong family bonds are are rarely seen alone. They prefer to travel in groups of at least four.


Classification: Larpanoid.

Larpa helped to found the IU after first making contact with Tentarvo. The two planets orbit on opposite sides of their star, so never see one another, however they were able to exchange radio signals. Larpa is almost permanently covered with thick cloud, and is very humid.  There are two main species of Larpan, the Greys, who have grey skin and white hair, and live on the snowy mountains. And the Browns, who have brown skin and red or yellow hair, and live in the forested valleys.

Characters: Ambassador Jiamerito (He-ah-meer-ee-to – Larpan ambassador to Bordri), Tailee (tour guide at Alezia), Professor Vorjenza (researcher at Alezia), Councilman Erienti (Larpan IU council representative), Dajan (Da-han – astro-physicist from Illystari Space Port), Councilman Randa (Reprisentative of Reichurt City), Sanju (woman from Larpan legend)


Classification: Non-Larpanoid.

Tentarvo first proposed the idea of the IU when it discovered its neighbour, Larpa. Tentarvo is a high-gravity planet, but the surface temperature is quite cool. The cities are built in asteroid craters and designed to reflect the sunlight back across the bowl to raise the temperature. Tentarvo is the cultural hub of the IU, and has many immigrant members from other worlds. Air travel is popular as the dense atmosphere makes it easy to fly. Buildings rarely go higher than two stories due to the gravity making them rapidly lose structural integrity.

Characters: Master Vomaru (Tentarvin head of Fugitive Retrieval)


Classification: Non-Larpanoid.

Aluntamirii are a very peaceful race. They possess two sets of eyes, one which sees visible light, the other sees radiation. They have a deep reverence for the stars, and spend a lot of time attempting to communicate with them. Aluntamirii lack the ability to make verbal speech, so communicate telepathically.

Characters: Evonlah’redihi (Evon – herd representative), Matron Ilynngahvera (herd elder), Samethyrahvad (Sam – warehouse worker)


Classification: Non-Larpanoid.

Maheedra is a desert planet. The surface is composed mostly of carbon, and contains large deposits of diamonds. Because of their quantity, Maheedran diamonds are worth very little. The Maheedrans have a silvery exoskeleton which reflects light and allows them to traverse the planet’s surface during the day without overheating. They mine the diamonds and sell them to other worlds for use in engines.

Characters: Baba Lamedon (gang leader), Radamijr (gang leader, Baba’s rival), Tamadi (one of Baba’s workers)


Classification: Non-Larpanoid.

Kalcytrenians are a war-faring people. Their culture respects strength above all. They have been known to accept leaders of other races when that individual has been able to prove their worth. The planet’s moon was destroyed early in its development and the planet now has six distinct rings.

Characters: Avokten (one of Radamijr’s workers), Dekrinov and Ralekan (Baba’s workers), Charikan (warehouse worker on Aluntamir), Nuotev (one of Rylla’s thugs)


Classification: Non-Larpanoid.

The Illystarid are the only species in the IU to not have a home planet. They live their entire lives in space, orbiting their star. The Illystarid feed off the stellar radiation given off by their star. They are blind and deaf, and communicate telepathically. The Illystari Space Port was built by the IU to study the properties of Illystadi, and to aid the Illystarid.


Classification: Larpanoid.

Bordri’s surface has large iron deposits that turn the rocks and dirt red. the lack of colour variation in the landscape has meant that most species evolved without colour vision. Bordrins see only black and white, but have a very acute sense of smell. They are a war-faring race with a strong sense of honour and do not tolerate traitors.

Characters: Governor Klareg adu Rek-Ital (Bordrin governor), Mekrin ada Val-Hadar (Klareg’s wife), Ruved adu Med-Bidan (first Bordin in space), Meht (works for Rylla)


Classification: Larpanoid.

Umberra was the first planet to join the newly founded IU. It orbits a binary star system, and the surface is almost uninhabitable due to high temperatures and radiation levels. Most of the planet’s lifeforms live underground, and the Umberrans are expert miners.

Characters: Erundahmed (owner of The Lumaroc club), Farameda (code keeper on Illystari Space Port), Oridlamun (works for Rylla), Ambassador Redhalu (Umberran ambassador)


Classification: Larpanoid.

Ning.Jumang is almost entirely covered in water, broken up by chains of small islands. The Hot Sea is the only known location to have warm blooded marine life. The Jumangi people are amphibious and are just as comfortable on land as in the water.


Classification: Non-Larpanoid.

Irdooba is a moon, and due to the gravitational pull of its planet, it has very unpredictable weather conditions and frequent electrical storms. The rocky surface is veined with large iron deposits, and these are often struck by lightning during storms. The Idroobans are winged invertebrates with two tails. They build their cities into the walls of canyons, where they are able to fly from one side to the other, and go underground to evade the storms.

Characters: Pooda (IU representative), Neebo (Pooda’s daughter), Feeda (Pooda’s sister), Haneeko (leader of the Red Wing)


Classification: Larpanoid.

Sol.Terra is the newest addition to the Intergalactic Union. Terra’s governing body is known as the United Nations. The planet is known for its geographically diverse landscape, and wide range of species.

Characters: Pia Lockheart (IU Fugitive Retrieval officer), Harry Lockheart (Pia’s brother), Amber (waitress), Tony (cafe manager), Robert Lockheart (Pia’s father), Neerja Lockheart (Pia’s mother), Uncle Ravi and Aunt Marjorie (Pia’s relatives), Eliza Cho and Stephen Ramsey (victims of Agroaki abduction), Ryan Farrell (Alezian guard)

The Tree World

Classification: Non-Larpanoid.

The Tree people are one of the oldest races in the galaxy. Their language took many years to decode before communications could be established with other races. As their language cannot be pronounced by any other race, and has no written form, The Tree World is the only IU member to not have its name recorded in its native language.


Classification: Larpanoid.

Rugnarins are widely accepted as the IU’s chief spies and soldiers. Their natural camouflage ability allows them to blend into their surroundings at will. The IU’s chief police and militant force, the Vanguarders, was founded on Rugnari.

Characters: Commander Arichaea (Ar-ee-kai-ah – IU Vanguarder, purple skin), Khlarianthe (Klar-ee-an-thee – works for Rylla, black and orange skin), Agent Philometes (Fil-lom-et-ees – IU Vanguarder, blue skin), Commander Larithea (Lar-ee-thee-ah – IU Vanguarder, green skin), Varda (rebel group leader), Igrates (Ig-rah-tees – IU office receptionist), Professor Vespasia (IU cosmologist), Sephtus (IU biologist), Adranus of Magratheus (founding financier of Magratheus city)


Classification: Uninhabited

Sukor is a planet in the Bakah.Kripketch sector. It is a mineral rich world, but incapable of supporting life on its surface. For many years, the planet was a mining base, operated mostly by Umberrans. However, after an accident in one of facilities killed everyone inside, the mining operations were shut down. The planet is now a tourist destination, visited mostly by Terrans, drawn by the legends of hauntings in the abandoned facilities.


Non Intergalactic Union Members


Classification: Non-Larpanoid.

Latroskin live on a moon, orbiting a gas giant in their star system. They have a blue exoskeleton, but it is not very strong, so Latroskin typically wear suits of armour that make them appear much larger.


Classification: Larpanoid.

Destri.Lomara was home to an empathic race, the Lomarans. Lomara’s weak magnetic field meant that the surface experienced high levels of stellar radiation during the day. For this reason, most Lomaran species are nocturnal and have very good eyesight in low light.

Characters: Callinoe Darros (Cal – IU Fugitive Retrieval officer), Ves (Scientist at IU Scientific Institute), Ryllatev Sanis (Rylla – warrior adept mercenary)


Classification: Non-Larpanoid.

The Soschans were previously members of the IU, however they were expelled after they continued to attack and eat members of other IU worlds. A Soschan’s natural form is soft and slug-like, with no skeleton, however they are able to change into other people and animals once they have fed on them.

Characters: Emeror Kaischka (Soschan ruler), Tuumbad Varischka (Kaischka’s offspring)


Classification: Larpanoid.

The Lutori are accepted as the most technologically advanced race, and Lutor is the most highly weaponised planet in the galaxy. Its three moons are armed to act as a planetary defence system. The IU approached Lutor many times regarding membership, but the planet refused on the grounds that they did not trust the IU with their weapons.

Characters: Oliki-Taum (Lutori ambassador to Bordri), Oliki-Fraun (Taum’s father), Direnko-Slyff (Taum’s wife), Bahn (works for Rylla), Vorn (prisoner on Soscha), Leaf (nomad living on the Tree World)


Classification: Non-Larpanoid.

Noma.Agroak is a dying world, and the Agroaki people possess hard exoskeletons to protect them from their environment. Those who manage to get off the planet travel the galaxy in stolen ships. All Agroaki are forbidden to visit Union worlds.


Classification: Non-Larpanoid

Vandor is a heavily polluted world, and the Vandoros people are rarely seen without breathing apparatuses. After burning through their own planet’s fossil fuels, they invest heavily in mining operations to import fuels from other worlds.


Classification: Non-Larpanoid

Petran is a watery moon orbiting a gas-giant. The moon has high levels of  geothermic activity, and the majority of landmasses are massive volcanoes. The Petrani use their moon’s geothermal energy as their primary fuel source, with the largest cities being built on the biggest active volcanoes.

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