The Ninth Circle is Available on NetGalley

My project The Ninth Circle is another serial novel, like Sol.Terra, and I have some exciting news. The Ninth Circle has just been made available on NetGalley for pre-release reading and reviewing. NetGalley is an online site used by many publishers to distribute their upcoming titles to an audience of bloggers, reviewers, teachers, and booksellers, worldwide, to … More The Ninth Circle is Available on NetGalley


This weekend I decided to bust out the watercolour paints. I haven’t used watercolours in more years than I can remember, but I felt like getting into it anyway. When I uncovered one of my old sketch pads, I discovered a pencil outline of a character from an old WIP novel that I had all … More Sabriet

Pants and Horses

Let’s talk about building worlds. I love to write stories set in fictional worlds, and part of the fun of creating a fictional world, is that you have free rein to do almost anything in it. Something I’ve noticed is that while people are keen to have their characters running through fantastical places, they don’t … More Pants and Horses

White as Snow (1)

The shrill ring of the phone caused Gina to jump in her seat. She fumbled for the receiver, almost dropping it twice, before bringing it to her ear. “Hello, welcome to Solergeni. You’re speaking with–” “Gina!” Rob’s voice barked down the receiver, making her jump again. “Where’s that delivery boy? The Demo’s in an hour.” … More White as Snow (1)