Moon Eaters

The last few weeks have been busy beyond belief. who knew having everyone in quarantine would encourage a bunch of businesses to kick start that software project they’ve been sitting on for months? I can’t complain though, busy is better than bored, and having a job that lets me work from home is very lucky.

But work isn’t the only thing keeping me busy. I’ve been working hard at the draft of Mercy, and two nights ago I officially made it to halfway. The draft is at over 70k words so far, which puts Mercy on track to be a fair bit longer than the previous two in the series. Of course, by the time it goes through severe editing, who knows where it will be…

This most recent chapter took place in Romania. Learning about some of the local lore has been both fascinating and frustrating (because I want more and it’s surprisingly hard to find good Romanian legends that aren’t tainted by Hollywood). Even so, I finally got a chance to bring in a particularly famous mythical creature, but hopefully in a form many readers would not expect.

Moon Thief by Loonaris via Deviantart
Moon Thief by Loonaris via Deviantart

Romanian werewolves (called pricolici) are not quite like the pop-culture creatures you may be familiar with. They don’t bite people to infect them, they don’t give a rats arse about silver, and they don’t howl at the moon, they eat it.


Credit goes to Loonaris for creating the beautiful artwork. Be sure to check out some of her other awesome works.

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