The Tyger

The still air carried on it no scent other than that of the soil and the rotting leaves. The distant rumble of thunder echoed across the dark sky, chasing after flashes that were too fleeting to do more than glimpse at. As the first few heavy drops began to fall, like spears from the stars, … More The Tyger

The Science of Magic

Any science, sufficiently advanced, can be called magic. It is the simple nature of man that he should think as such. Great men have always looked beyond such primitive notions and understood that just because something can’t be explained, it doesn’t mean that no explanation exists. And as such, it is with great consideration that … More The Science of Magic

Death and Pancakes

I’m falling. The thought barely entered Sergeant Scrum’s mind as he tumbled, the world spinning round and round. Instead of pavement, he struck a much softer object, bouncing to the side. “Ow!” A man’s voice cried out. Sergeant Scrum extricated himself from the unfortunate who had broken his fall, and checked to make sure his … More Death and Pancakes

Tell Me About Blue

Seeing colour is a luxury for the rich. With all the other augmentations and genetic upgrades that had become available over the last century, Jacob guessed it was only a matter of time before they started going the other way. Jacob was born into the lower classes, his colour vision stripped from him before birth. … More Tell Me About Blue