An order of tea usually didn’t come with an empty container, so I wasn’t sure why mine did. I tried to ask the waitress, but her back was already turned. The little box was barely the size of a biscuit. Perhaps that was what was supposed to come with it. I picked it up and … More Drink

The Winter Queen

Don’t much remember the warm these days. Warm went way-away, with the birds, the cars, and the man who sold papers on the corner. Used to buy papers. Now I sleep in ‘em. Mags sleeps in ‘em too. She’s a good girl. Went looking for food again today. Walked the big road, ash-snow falling down. … More The Winter Queen


The thing about bridges was they had an over and an under. What people tended to forget was there was also an in between. But the go-overs never looked down, and the go-unders never looked up. Worked just fine for me. Meant it usually took them longer to find the bodies. Crows knew about the … More Bridges


I’ve never turned down a job. Professional integrity, and all that. But even so, when I saw the name in the file, I cringed. At some point in every man’s career, he gets that job he knows is going to make or break his name. I’d been using this name for a while now, and … More Integrity


They said you could order anything online. My neighbour asked for a dog off MyGenie.com. The next day a labrador waited outside. My parents wanted a place to retire. The keys arrived the following morning. My friend asked for a car, and a shiny VolksWagen appeared in her drive. The site was what it claimed … More Wishes

Body Building

When Doctor Frank saw the flyer on the back of the men’s locker room door he felt a sudden rush of excitement. He loved competitions, and this just happened to be something he excelled in. It would be foolish not to enter. Hurrying home, Doctor Frank went straight to his lab and pulled on his … More Body Building


David liked driving forklifts. He was the best forklift driver Constructech had. He never missed a pallet, and things alway got where they needed to go, in one piece. Working on the new SuperEnergy plant had been a particular treat for him. So many important and delicate pieces of equipment needed to be brought in, … More Awakeness

Glass Jars

The challenge: Write a flash fiction piece, under 100 words, with the theme “Glass jars”. He aligned the glass jars, checking the contents of each was still fresh. It would not do to make his favourite pie with ingredients that were anything but. As he opened one of the jars, the object inside squelched and … More Glass Jars