FFM16-28 Holy Fire

I remember the day I believed in magic. The street performer had a scuffed hat and holey coat. He made coins disappear and tossed fire sticks. I would have walked away, but then it happened. He tripped and the fire stick hit his clothing. That mouldy coat went up like Guy Fawkes night. I watched … More FFM16-28 Holy Fire

FFM16-23 Beware of SAD

“Can anyone tell me the number one long-term hazard in the vigilante business?” the instructor asked the class. “Anyone?” “Gunshot wounds?” the Red Monkey suggested, half-raising a hand. “No,” the instructor said. “Half of you are bullet proof anyway. Come on, the biggest hazard. Who else?” “Broken bones?” Captain Crystal called out. “Lasers!” Gun Girl … More FFM16-23 Beware of SAD

FFM16-22 The Mind

There was no truth before We made it. We took fear. We took prejudice. We took hate, and We dissolved it. We became one source, one truth, one mind. And those who joined Us were happy. Our happiness was pure. The bliss of knowledge, understanding, and unity. And We wanted to share. That was all … More FFM16-22 The Mind