From Super Speed to Slow-Mo – Style and Pacing

It’s time for part two of NaNoPlotMo’s writing prep month. This month we are focusing on pacing. This article was a join effort between myself and co-organizer, Grace Sabella, aka Illuminara. You can read the original post on DeviantArt here.   Using Writing Style to Control Your Story’s Pace Last time, we talked about the big … More From Super Speed to Slow-Mo – Style and Pacing

Characterization Discussion Panel

Welcome to the first ever NaNoPlotMo live discussion. We invite C-A-Harland, illuminara, queenofeagles, and DamonWakes to discuss their views on the creation and development of characters. This month we talk about how visual artwork can play a part in character design; making your characters distinctive, especially in a large cast; characterization in flash fiction and … More Characterization Discussion Panel

Project Olympus

A thief and a billionaire, a student and a retiree, a killer and a doctor. When a military experiment in their home city goes wrong, these 6 individuals will have their lives changed forever. Granted powers they could never have dreamed of, they will learn that only by working together can they defeat their own … More Project Olympus