Mink: Cadisi (6)

Beginning: Part 1: Constantinople Snow covered the road, the sidewalk, the front lawns of houses. Everything was white. The dog was white too. It ran out across the street, chasing something I couldn’t see. I stomped down on the pedal and felt the brakes lock up under me. I wrenched the wheel around. Tires skidded … More Mink: Cadisi (6)

Mink: Michigan (5)

Beginning: Part 1: Constantinople I reached Hugo’s home in Michigan and glided towards the second story window that he always left open. I fluttered through the curtains and shifted back to myself, dropping onto the beautifully knotted rug that adorned the floor of his office. Hugo sat in an armchair in the corner of the … More Mink: Michigan (5)

Mink: Havana (3)

Beginning: Part 1: Constantinople The air was thick with the stench of rum and sweat in equal measure. The men’s boisterous voices rang out over their mugs as they slopped dark liquor over the sides, while toasting one another. I kept my smile hidden beneath the wide brim of my hat and remained silent. My … More Mink: Havana (3)

Mink: London (2)

Begin: Part 1:  Constantinople Faces were curious things. I stared at mine in the looking glass, and it occurred to me how different my fate may have been had I been born with a different face. My face. I took another lock of thick, dark hair and twisted it up, pinning it in place with … More Mink: London (2)