FFM16-11 The Last Breath

I’ll never get used to waking up next to someone after a night of drinking and not being able to remember their name, or how we met, or why they’re dead. This one’s staring up at the ceiling like it’s the answer to everything, or some shit. Throat all open and leaking. The colour is quite beautiful. On the bright side, though, I’m getting good at hiding the bodies.

Detective Smithson stared at the case file, another missing person he would never find. The pile of cases was too big, and the leads too small. The worst part was that Smithson was sure he knew who was responsible. Some brat from the south side. Witnesses placed him at three of the disappearances. But it was damn hard to convict someone of murder when you never had a body.

Lie still and don’t even breathe. Your eyes are closed but you can feel him watching you. Don’t move. Don’t take a breath. You smell blood and you know it’s yours. You can feel it, hot and sticky, on your neck. He drops you in a shallow grave and piles dirt on top. Don’t move when it hits your face. Stay still and he’ll never know you’re not dead.


FlashFictionMonth day 11.
Wordcount: 207
Challenge: 369er Mystery
Bullet; RedFirstly: Your story must be a MYSTERY, of some kind.
Bullet; RedSecondly: Your story must be a 369’er – In other words, three separate, but interrelated, stories of exactly 69 words each.
Bullet; RedLastly: You must write your challenge using three different Narrative POV’s or “Points of View” – specifically,First PersonSecond Person, and Third PersonThat means even if you’re writing everything from the perspective of the same character, you’ll still need to use a different POV in each 69 word story, though the order in which you use them is up to you.
Prompt: “I can’t think of anything worse after a nigh of drinking than waking up next to someone and not being able to remember their name, or how you met, or why their dead.”

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