FFM16-25 On Your Own Head Be It


You are the last person alive on earth, and you hear a knock at the door. You go into the hall and hear the knock again.

To open the door go to Page 2

To slip out the back go to Page 5



You pull the door open and a frightened woodpecker smacks you in the face with its wings. The woodpecker would make a decent meal. You haven’t eaten in days.

To follow the woodpecker go to Page 3

To stay in the house go to Page 4



You chase the woodpecker down the road, but lose it outside an old warehouse. You hear groaning coming from inside and it sounds like voices. There could be people in there, people who can help you. Or it could be a trap.

To go into the warehouse go to Page 7

To return home go to Page 4



You return to your makeshift living room and turn the gas heater on to take the chill off the air. You know it’s a waste of fuel, but now you’re hungry and cold.

The heater explodes and destroys the house.

You are dead. Return to Page 1



You escape over the back fence and crawl through an overgrown lawn. As you near the main street, the sound of shuffling feet reaches your ears. You’re almost certain you know what’s coming around the corner.

To peak around the corner go to Page 6

To run away go to Page 8



You edge around the corner and catch sight of the bonebags shuffling towards you. They see you as soon as you see them, and the desiccated skeletons races towards you, bones clacking against the tarmac. You try to run, but they’re on you too quick.

You are dead. Return to Page 1



You sneak into the warehouse but it’s too dark to see anything. You can still hear the voices, so you take out a match and light it. The empty eye sockets of bonebags stare up at you, and the chattering of their teeth stops. You try to run, but the skeletons drag you back into the dark.

You are dead. Return to Page 1



You tear down the street at full speed and slip down a few dark alleys until you can’t hear the movement any more. You’ve arrived at a warehouse and you can hear voices coming from inside. They might have food for you. But there’s also a boat docked down at the marina that could take you downriver.

To go into the warehouse go to Page 7

To go to the boat go to Page 9



You climb into the boat and try to start the engine, but there’s no fuel, and already it’s getting dark. You’re sure there was fuel back at the house. You could bring it here in the morning. Or you could take the supplies from the boat and walk downriver. The faster you get out of this town the better.

To return to the house go to Page 4

To take the supplies and leave go to Page 10



It’s a slow hike, but eventually you find a quiet cabin to spend the night. Another day done, but at least you made it through. Time to sleep and get ready for the next one.

Return to page 1


FlashFictionMonth day 25
Wordcount: 574

:bulletgreen: Write an interactive story in the tradition of the CYOA series.
:bulletgreen: The interactive story must begin with a knock on the door.

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