Three of a Kind

It’s been a while since I posted here, but it seemed like the right time for an update. I’m currently hard at work finishing up the final touches on the second book of The Ninth Circle trilogy, Strength. In honour of the upcoming release, I thought it was high time I posted some more art. So here’s a trilogy of paintings, one of each of the Morrigan spirits.

Here are a few close ups, just for fun.


The end of Fire saw Tala and Aiva face off against a high-demon in the greatest battle of their lives. But facing Furfur was nothing compared to the trials in store for them now. Following the demon lord of Dublin’s death, chaos mounts in the Ninth Circle. Now unopposed, King Marchosias seeks to bring about devastation the likes of which man kind has never seen. Word of the coming apocalypse comes from an unlikely – and certainly unreliable – source, and Tala and Aiva must work against the clock to uncover the truth and halt the end of the world.

Tala’s powers continue to grow beyond her control, and Aiva struggles to reconcile her own terrifying abilities with the growing mysteries of her heritage. All the while the sisters must deal with the fallout of their mother’s plans, set in motion before their births and fast becoming unavoidable. The Morrigan has been summoned, and it will demand a host. But whether the trio of battle goddesses will provide salvation or death remains to be seen.


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