Quantum Entanglement

The office was a flurry of activity when I entered. No doubt it had been this way ever since the Endeavour entered a stable orbit. Two centuries of planning, prep and endless waiting, and for the first time, mankind had reached another star. “Rosen?” A hard voice called across the medley of movement and chatter. … More Quantum Entanglement

Poetic Psychosis

In thirty seconds, the next shell would fall. Every night was the same, but every night Lorenzo experienced it as if it were the first time. His throat felt swollen; breathing was hard. He glanced around at the others; young men like him who had been shipped out in the name of honour and freedom. … More Poetic Psychosis

Green Oranges

Greens filled the barrow, piling high in an overflowing mound of pitted balls, drenching the air with citrus. Funny, that they shouldn’t really be called greens, but oranges, when it was not until their native flesh was cut away that the true colour be revealed. These greens were not for trade, nor for sale to … More Green Oranges