Sweet as Poison (7)

Beginning: Part 1: White As Snow The doors to Gina’s chambers burst open, admitting Rolf in a flurry of movement. Gina looked up from her chair as he strode across the room towards her. Her brow furrowed as she took him in. His usual calm demeanour was gone, and instead, his eyes were wild, and … More Sweet as Poison (7)

Sharp as Spice (6)

Beginning: Part 1: White As Snow Gina and Lord Boden stood, facing each other, across the table in the court meeting chamber. “Well, perhaps if the Lady Dragonkeeper spent less time catering to the whims of peasants, and more time scouring the woods beyond the palace, we would have found the princess already.” “And perhaps, … More Sharp as Spice (6)

Wild as Fire (5)

Beginning: Part 1: White As Snow Lyall strode, as always, a few paces ahead of Gina. The late king’s advisor had attached himself to her ever since the raid on the palace, two weeks ago. The name ‘Dragonkeeper’ followed her everywhere now. “Get those doors open,” he barked at the doormen ahead of them, waving … More Wild as Fire (5)

Black as Night (4)

Beginning: Part 1: White As Snow Gina eyed the rope, dangling over the balcony’s edge. After less than a minute outside, her fingers were already numb from the cold. She began to doubt whether Rolf’s plan was going to work. The huntsman himself had no such concerns. He swung a leg over the railing, gripping … More Black as Night (4)

Red as Blood (3)

Beginning: Part 1: White As Snow Gina and Rolf slipped into the servants’ entrance between guard rotations. It was several hours after sunset, and even the maids had gone to bed. The kitchen was silent and completely dark. Gina had left her phone to charge in the car all day, and now used its light … More Red as Blood (3)

Cold as Ice (2)

Beginning: Part 1: White As Snow When Gina awoke, she saw that the little room she had been given, which had looked old-fashioned in the lamplight, looked doubly so in the day. The walls and floor were rough wood planks, which looked like they had been cut and sanded by hand. The ceiling was thatch. … More Cold as Ice (2)

White as Snow (1)

The shrill ring of the phone caused Gina to jump in her seat. She fumbled for the receiver, almost dropping it twice, before bringing it to her ear. “Hello, welcome to Solergeni. You’re speaking with–” “Gina!” Rob’s voice barked down the receiver, making her jump again. “Where’s that delivery boy? The Demo’s in an hour.” … More White as Snow (1)