FFM16-23 Beware of SAD

“Can anyone tell me the number one long-term hazard in the vigilante business?” the instructor asked the class. “Anyone?” “Gunshot wounds?” the Red Monkey suggested, half-raising a hand. “No,” the instructor said. “Half of you are bullet proof anyway. Come on, the biggest hazard. Who else?” “Broken bones?” Captain Crystal called out. “Lasers!” Gun Girl … More FFM16-23 Beware of SAD

Death and Pancakes

I’m falling. The thought barely entered Sergeant Scrum’s mind as he tumbled, the world spinning round and round. Instead of pavement, he struck a much softer object, bouncing to the side. “Ow!” A man’s voice cried out. Sergeant Scrum extricated himself from the unfortunate who had broken his fall, and checked to make sure his … More Death and Pancakes