A Theory of Everything

You begin as a point,
The essence of nothing.
But with two points,
We make a line.
And the line is eternal.

When your line meets another,
We cross, as we must.
But in our plane of existence,
I see only a cross-section of you.
And we are flat.

You turn your head,
For there is now space to turn.
And we conceive of the world,
And the world is round.
But it is still.

We are but frames,
Moving ever forwards.
For these frames are a filmstrip,
And the film never ends.
Time carries us now.

You make your choices,
And forge your path.
And though it splits me in half,
I follow you.
Our other selves are lost.

Lost but not gone,
For all that is, was,
And ever will be,
Is contained, within this.
We are a universe.

We are not alone.
Though with different beginnings,
And different endings,
You see it.
The scale of us.

Those paths cross,
And with each intersection,
We create new realities.
Each embedded within
Our layer of eternity.

You are an idea,
And I am a pattern.
The layers of existence,
Stack around us.
Within us.

You take all of infinity,
And confine it to a point.
The essence of nothing,
That contains everything.

And there is a bang.


A journey from the first to the tenth dimensions. Also titled “The Omniverse”

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