FFM16-6 The Inventive Exploits of Skycaptain Resourceful

“I’ve got it,” the Professor said, stroking his voluminous, white beard. “We’ll use salt. We can harvest it from the ocean, and sell it as bricks.” “That’s just another fossil fuel,” the Scientist said, straightening his spectacles. “The whole point was to get away from all that. The people don’t like the coal smoke from … More FFM16-6 The Inventive Exploits of Skycaptain Resourceful

FFM16-4 Light The Way

“You said small explosion,” Jacques called from under the desk. “This is not small!” Georges waved frantically at the smoky cloud that filled the laboratory. He didn’t dare touch his eyebrows. He was almost certain they were gone. Again. “That’s the whole point,” Georges said, coughing out the taste of the blast. “Acetylene is explosive … More FFM16-4 Light The Way

The Science of Magic

Any science, sufficiently advanced, can be called magic. It is the simple nature of man that he should think as such. Great men have always looked beyond such primitive notions and understood that just because something can’t be explained, it doesn’t mean that no explanation exists. And as such, it is with great consideration that … More The Science of Magic

Quantum Entanglement

The office was a flurry of activity when I entered. No doubt it had been this way ever since the Endeavour entered a stable orbit. Two centuries of planning, prep and endless waiting, and for the first time, mankind had reached another star. “Rosen?” A hard voice called across the medley of movement and chatter. … More Quantum Entanglement