New Gods

We found no gods, so we became them.

As the universe wound down, and the lights in the sky began to fade, we reached out into the void, seeking the paradise promised. Seeking an end to the end. But the thing we had put off for millennia was now approaching, as we raced toward equilibrium. And finally, we were forced to admit, with outrage, that we were not invincible.

And so it became time to ask for help.

As one, we, the race who had dominated a universe, fell to our knees on account of the one thing we had never managed to eliminate. Faith. And so we prayed. And no answer came.

But the universe is a vast thing. It is even larger now than when we first started, and its growth is only increasing. Our creators, our saviours, may well have moved on. So we went looking for them. We searched for eons. And the stars continued to go out. And we found nothing.

Our faith was strong, but like heat, like light, it began to dissipate. And with no new fuel to feed it, it faded entirely. And so we turned inwards. If the gods weren’t going to help us, we would help ourselves.

Pooling everything we had, every strength, every resource, every scrap of energy left in the expanse, we gathered. It wasn’t enough. But there was one source of heat, one source of energy left that might just tip the balance, and that source was us. We could restart the universe. And it would end us.

The decision was not made lightly, but in the end it was no decision at all. Fall into darkness, and leave nothing behind, or go out with the biggest bang imaginable, and create a legacy that may well bring forth new life of its own. And we wondered just how many times the decision had been made before. And how many times were yet to come. But ultimately, it didn’t matter. This was our universe to hand over. In time there would be new gods.

FFM Day 19

Prompt: We found no gods, so we became them.

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