The Ninth Circle is Available on NetGalley

My project The Ninth Circle is another serial novel, like Sol.Terra, and I have some exciting news. The Ninth Circle has just been made available on NetGalley for pre-release reading and reviewing. NetGalley is an online site used by many publishers to distribute their upcoming titles to an audience of bloggers, reviewers, teachers, and booksellers, worldwide, to … More The Ninth Circle is Available on NetGalley

FFM16-10 Interface

For a long time, we were all about touch. Interaction came from contact, and it was a contact we craved. Levers became buttons, which became screens. But all in all, it didn’t take long for touchscreen interfaces to become old-hat. The idea of having to actually be in contact with your device was just silly. … More FFM16-10 Interface


The thing about bridges was they had an over and an under. What people tended to forget was there was also an in between. But the go-overs never looked down, and the go-unders never looked up. Worked just fine for me. Meant it usually took them longer to find the bodies. Crows knew about the … More Bridges

Creating Conflict

Thou shalt have conflict on every page Adding conflict to your story is just as important as tension and character development. It adds tension to a story by creating a level of uncertainty. The reader knows there are two opposing forces, and has no choice but to keep reading in order to find out who … More Creating Conflict

Project Olympus

A thief and a billionaire, a student and a retiree, a killer and a doctor. When a military experiment in their home city goes wrong, these 6 individuals will have their lives changed forever. Granted powers they could never have dreamed of, they will learn that only by working together can they defeat their own … More Project Olympus

Death and Pancakes

I’m falling. The thought barely entered Sergeant Scrum’s mind as he tumbled, the world spinning round and round. Instead of pavement, he struck a much softer object, bouncing to the side. “Ow!” A man’s voice cried out. Sergeant Scrum extricated himself from the unfortunate who had broken his fall, and checked to make sure his … More Death and Pancakes

Tell Me About Blue

Seeing colour is a luxury for the rich. With all the other augmentations and genetic upgrades that had become available over the last century, Jacob guessed it was only a matter of time before they started going the other way. Jacob was born into the lower classes, his colour vision stripped from him before birth. … More Tell Me About Blue

Silk and Paper

It was around the time the birds started hatching that I knew there was going to be trouble. Despite having to shift premises almost every night, Silk still managed to draw a crowd. We had a new batch of aphids’ honey coming in, and sales on butterfly dust were on the rise. Yes, things were … More Silk and Paper