FFM16-4 Light The Way

“You said small explosion,” Jacques called from under the desk. “This is not small!”

Georges waved frantically at the smoky cloud that filled the laboratory. He didn’t dare touch his eyebrows. He was almost certain they were gone. Again.

“That’s the whole point,” Georges said, coughing out the taste of the blast. “Acetylene is explosive when stored under pressure.”

“I believe you,” Jacques said with less reverence than sarcasm. He crawled out from under his desk and brushed off his trousers. “ And I really am rather tired of your little light shows.”

“My little light shows are going to make a difference, you’ll see. One day the streets will be paved with ‘Georges Claude Lights’.”

“Not if you blow us up first,” Jacques muttered.

“Now, pass me the acetone. We’re going to mix it up and see if it stabilizes the solution a bit.”

“Oh-no!” Jacques crossed his arms. “You’re not mixing any more chemicals while I’m here.”

Georges huffed and folded his arms also. His annoyance didn’t last long, it never did. There was just too much to do to waste time with being irritated. Tapping a finger to his chin, Georges turned on the spot, searching for something else he could play around with. His eyes lighted on a large Ne and his face stretched into a grin.

“Jacques, I’ve got it. Let’s play with some neon instead.”

Jacques groaned and crawled back under his table.


FlashFictionMonth day 4, and it’s a CHALLENGE DAY, featuring Georges Claude, who invented the “Claude system” for liquefying air, and also neon lights.
Wordcount: 238
Challenge Rules:
Part the First: Your story must involve a little-known historical figure. The figure must be real. The story may or may not be so, as we are fiction writers, not historians.
Part the Second: Your story must be 300 words or less.
Part the Third: Your story must begin in media res.

Also using the prompt: “I SAID SMALL EXPLOSION! THIS IS NOT SMALL!” – by Megan1289

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