FFM16-14 The War of the Candies

It all started when they tried mixing Skittles and M&Ms. It wasn’t Jube’s fault, not really, but the candy-coated rainbow mixes didn’t see it that way.

“I told you I was sorry,” Jube said, for what felt like the fiftieth time. He had Skittles lined up on one side, and M&Ms on the other. At least, he thought that was what they were doing. “You all look kinda the same to me.”

The Skittles bristled, and one of the M&Ms cracked his shell. Jube recoiled from the chocolately interior. He would never understand these hard-shelled candies.

“Look the same?” a Skittle demanded. “It what universe do we look the same, you squish-bellied sugar lump?”

“Well, it’s just…”

“You can’t really think we’re anything like those teeth-gumming sour drops?” an M&M interrupted. “I mean, look at them.”

Jube turned from one rainbow assortment of coloured balls to another. “Uh…well…”

“Yeah?” both sides chimed.

Jube felt his sugar begin to melt. “Well, it’s just, from the outside…”

“Oh, so we’re being judged on our appearances?” M&M asked, puffing out his belly. “I never realised this mix-bag was so shallow.

“Especially since appearance is all you’ve got, M,” Skittle sniped. “Under that shell, you’re nothing but chocolate.”

“Take that back!” M&M surged forwards, fists raised, but was pulled back by his fellows. “He’s talking about the chocolate,” he appealed to his comrades. “That’s racist.”

“Calm down, M,” the largest of the crowd said, taking a slow step forward. The other M&Ms parted to let him through. He placed a comforting hand on M’s back, and stood, staring over the crowd. He was at least twice the size of the other candies, and even the skittles shrunk back from him. “An M&M is never judged on the quality of his shell. It’s our interiors that count, and we are proud of them. Let us remember that, when others would seek to turn us against each other.”

“You tell ‘em, Peanut!” a crunchy M&M called from the background. “Them Skittles are just jealous ‘cause they got no interiors.”

The Skitttles collectively gasped and pulled together in a furious rainbow.

“I guess you’d have to rely on your insides,” a Skittle sneered. “Especially when you’ve got guys like W hanging around.” The Skittles sniggered cruelly, and the M&Ms all turned to W, who stared up at the crowd with a wide, somewhat lopsided grin, excited to be the centre of all the attention, even if he didn’t quite know why.

“And it is that kind of attitude,” Peanut continued in his soothing chocolate-melt voice, “that truly separates the candy from the crud.”

Skittle puffed himself up, his candy coat gleaming like a drop of solid sunshine. “We don’t have to take this from you.” Turning his back, he marched away. The other Skittles fell in line to follow him.

M poked his tongue out at their backs, then turned to Peanut. “Thanks, Pea. You always did know what truly mattered.”

Jube watched the two sides separate, flabbergasted. He still wasn’t sure what the fight had actually been about, and in all the commotion, he never got to explain the reason why the Skittles and M&Ms needed to move in together to begin with.

Just then, thundering steps approached, and Jube turned to see the newcomers arriving.

“Ah,” he said brightly, turning to the remaining M&Ms. “Let me introduce our newest residents. Pineapple Lumps.”

“Hi everyone!” Pineapple Lump said in a booming voice, giving a friendly wave.

The M&Ms froze and stared up at the great chocolately slabs, their eyes wide and their candy coatings pale. Peanut was the first to raise a finger and point.

“They’re inside out!”

As one, the M&Ms screamed and fled from the room.

Jube turned back to the stunned Pineapple Lumps with an apologetic smile. “Sorry, they’re a little sensitive to chocolate.”


FlashFictionMonth day 14!
Wordcount: 659

Prompt: It all started when they tried mixing the skittles and the m&ms – OnLinedPaper

Ah, Pineapple Lumps, the candy of my people :P

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