FFM16-21 :D

“There’s a giant smiley face emoticon outside my window.”

“Take a picture and put it on Instagram.”

“It did. But now there’s 2 of them.”

“Put it on Facebook.”

“Sure. Except now there’s more.”

“Did you Tweet about it?”

“Of course. I think there’s like 5 or 6 out there now.”

“Srsly? Send me a Snapchat.”

“Here you go.”

“Jeeez… :-/ I know! We’ll put a blog on Tumblr. :-D”

“They keep multiplying. Help me. They’re blocking the door.”

“I bet if we got enough of them we could start a reality TV show. Life with Smileys. What do you think?”

“They’re coming in the house. Oh God. They’re crushing everything.”

“Smile Time? Too creepy?”

“I can’t breathe. Please help.”

“I’ve got it. iSmile: It’s an Emoji Life.”


“Hello? Whatevs, I’m going down to the studio. Brb.”


FlashFictionMonth day 21
Wordcount: 136

Theme: The “Me Me Me Generation”
Prompt: There’s a giant smiley face emoticon outside my window. – Suggested by FirekatArcher

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