Inspiration In Many Forms

courtney avatarThis month is supposed to be for writing, and trust me, I have been working on it. My word count is currently sitting at around 22,000. Not bad for day 11.

But, I will admit that I have been doing more than just write. It’s been the season for crafts in my house (owing largely to the cosplaying efforts of my housemates), resulting in clothes, toys, Harry Potter inspired wands, and a number of large paintings. Most recently though, I decided to get back into digital painting, and do something inspired by my current NaNoWriMo project.

This is Leah, one of fae my characters encounter on their adventures. She is a muse, and attaches herself to an artist, providing inspiration, while also feeding off the creative energy that is produced. Most of her kind present themselves as lovers, but Leah most often takes the form of a canary.


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