Silk and Paper

It was around the time the birds started hatching that I knew there was going to be trouble. Despite having to shift premises almost every night, Silk still managed to draw a crowd. We had a new batch of aphids’ honey coming in, and sales on butterfly dust were on the rise. Yes, things were … More Silk and Paper

New Gods

We found no gods, so we became them. As the universe wound down, and the lights in the sky began to fade, we reached out into the void, seeking the paradise promised. Seeking an end to the end. But the thing we had put off for millennia was now approaching, as we raced toward equilibrium. … More New Gods

Gift on a Gurney

There was one body too many in the morgue. Susan checked, then double checked the paperwork, before returning to the unaccounted-for corpse. The only thing worse than a missing body, was a spare one. If her boss found out, she’d be in for it. Biting down on her lip, Susan gave the nameless she a … More Gift on a Gurney

Veuve Noir

There is a place where dreams and reality blur into a single, pleasure-filled haze. Where the air is thicker than the water, and the water runs with honey. Where there are no rules or limitations, and all pain, pleasure, and paradise bows down in the name of the queen. They call it Silk. Silk was … More Veuve Noir

Game of Homes

The Spray Brigade marched across the benchtop. Toaster shrunk from their glares. Waffleiron skittered behind him. Only Espresso refused to move out of their way. “Back in line,” Surfacespray ordered. Espresso stood firm on the bench and glared back at the Brigade leader. “You don’t own us,” he said. Lieutenant Mop lunged forward and bashed … More Game of Homes