The thing about bridges was they had an over and an under. What people tended to forget was there was also an in between. But the go-overs never looked down, and the go-unders never looked up. Worked just fine for me. Meant it usually took them longer to find the bodies.

Crows knew about the in between. And they weren’t shy neither. Probably why I liked them.

Waited until dark to drive up the bridge. Sides were too steep to make the trip on foot, especially where you were carrying a load. It was late, and a weeknight, so not many people out. Made things easier; got called out as a jumper once. Damn near impossible to convince the brats I wasn’t there to off myself. Good thing they took the hint, otherwise I’d have had to get more rope, and the stores were never open this late.

Stopped at the top of the bridge and got the load out of the trunk. Black plastic crackled as I dragged the dead weight across the tarmac to the railing. Looped the rope around the feet, tied it good and tight, like they taught us in Scouts. Always did well at knot-tying. Got my badge before anyone else.

Split open the top of the bag, just enough to give the crows something to start with. They don’t like it if you make them work too hard.

All done, so started heaving the load up over the railing. Bloody fat bastard, too. Could hardly lift him. Next one better be lighter. Finally got him up enough to push him over, he fell hard; rope went taught, frayed a bit. Note to self: better rope for the next one.

Stretched and cracked my back. Hoped I hadn’t thrown it out again. Good chiros were impossible to hold onto.

The load kept swinging, heard the rope creak, then snap. Several long seconds and a splat.

Bastard. Nothing to be done now. Hobbled back to my car and massaged my back again. Yep, next one would have to be lighter.

Challenge: Incorporate the featured image, and the word “lighter”. No more than 350 words.

Featured image: Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

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