Clockwork Pops

For a bit of fun, I decided to make some Funko Pops of a few of my characters. If I had it my way I’d make one for every character, but that may be getting a bit ahead of myself. These two are Maker and Ana, the main characters from my in-progress steampunk novel. Maker … More Clockwork Pops

Ana Davenport

This watercolour was done years ago, and served as the first inspiration for my in-progress steampunk fantasy novel. Ana lives a double life as a governess by day, and a city prowling vigilante by night. Stay tuned for more artwork from the Clockwork Universe.

The Painted Cats

A little piece of teaser artwork for a project I have in the works. These ladies are members of the only all-female gang on the desert word Isparda. The Painted Cats are one of many governing gangs on Isparda, which is one of five planets in the system. Stay tuned for more teasers and tidbits … More The Painted Cats

The New World Adventures of Skycaptain Resourceful

Skycaptain Resourceful stood on the bow of the Nimbus. Damp air pulled at her hair and ruffled the feathers in her wide-brimmed hat. Green hills rolled miles below the ship, stretching to a smooth line on the horizon.  The Nimbus passed through a cloud, and for a moment the Skycaptain’s view was obscured by white. … More The New World Adventures of Skycaptain Resourceful

The Incredible Adventures of Skycaptain Forethought

The large silver serving platter functioned nicely as a makeshift shield. The automaton’s clockwork hand slammed against it, producing a resounding clang that echoed through the high ceilinged chamber. Skycaptain Forethought, the most renown and respected adventurer in the land, laughed from behind the platter-shield. Shoving back on it, he pushed the mechanical man away, … More The Incredible Adventures of Skycaptain Forethought