The New World Adventures of Skycaptain Resourceful

Skycaptain Resourceful stood on the bow of the Nimbus. Damp air pulled at her hair and ruffled the feathers in her wide-brimmed hat. Green hills rolled miles below the ship, stretching to a smooth line on the horizon.  The Nimbus passed through a cloud, and for a moment the Skycaptain’s view was obscured by white. All sound was muffled but for the humming of the turbine engines. Lowering her goggles, Mimi Resourceful kept the stinging beads of icy moisture out of her eyes.

When the ship emerged from the cloud, the Skycaptain leaned out over the bow, spyglass in hand, and peered at the landscape below. She had never seen this land before. In fact, she doubted anyone had. Her predecessor, Skycaptain Forethought (regretfully deceased), had never taken the Nimbusbeyond the tried and trusted skies of their homeland. Mimi Resourceful was determined to change that.

“Take us lower,” she called to the stern of the ship.

Firstmate Interrogative saluted back. “How low?”

The Skycaptain sighed, collapsed her spyglass, and marched along the length of the ship, taking the wheel back from the Firstmate. He could be an excellent shipmaster, if only he didn’t feel the need to question everything.

The Nimbus swooped low, long grassy tendrils sweeping the underside of its hull. Mimi Resourceful grinned, unable to hide her own excitement, and wondered if she should change her name to Mimi Intrepid. Certainly no other Skycaptain had ever ventured so far.

A figure on the ground jumped up, waving its arms. Mimi Resourceful’s head whipped around as the ship sailed overhead. Wrenching down on the wheel, she spun the ship around. The crew members cried out at the sudden shift and grabbed onto ropes and rails to prevent themselves being flung off.

“Halt!” the Skycaptain bellowed.

The crewmembers raced to their posts, furling sails and throwing the engines into reverse. The Nimbus slid to a midair stop, hovering above the figure of a man. Beside him stood a strange looking capsule.

Mimi Resourceful raced to the side and looked over.

“I know you,” she called down. “You’re Groundcaptain Afterthought.”

The man looked up at her, one eyebrow raised. “Where’s Forethought? This is his ship.”

“He’s…presently engaged. I’m in charge now. What are you doing here?” Mimi Resourceful tossed a rope over the side and swung down.

“I need help. My ship broke down.” He pointed at the odd capsule contraption. “I’ve been stuck here for days with nothing to eat but these damn carrots.” He threw one of the vegetables onto the ground at his feet. Mimi took an uncomfortable step back from the orange object.

“This, uh, thing, this is your ship? It hardly seems worth rescuing.”

“Oh, it is, really. It travels through time, as well as space. I can go anywhere.”

“Really?” Mimi Resourceful eyed the ship, lips pursed with intrigue. “How did you say it worked?”

“No idea. But there’s a warning light inside that says the flux capacitor fuel line is leaking. Problem is, nowhere in this time period sells those.”

Skycaptain Resourceful smiled and placed her hands on her hips. “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. There’s bound to be a way to fix it.”

Groundcaptain Afterthought beamed. “So you’ll help me?”

“Actually, I think you’re helping me.”

Before the look of confusion could fully form on Groundcaptain Afterthought’s face, Mimi Resourceful slung her rope around the capsule, tied it off, and signalled to the crew of the Nimbus. The engines roared to life and the ship rose into the air, lifting the time capsule and the Skycaptain with it.

“Enjoy your carrots,” Mimi Resourceful called down with a wave of her feathered hat. Anyone with a ship could discover new lands, she thought. It took a true explorer to venture into new times. The title ‘Skycaptain’ simply wasn’t going to cut it.

FFM Day 6

Prompt: New World

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