Body Building

When Doctor Frank saw the flyer on the back of the men’s locker room door he felt a sudden rush of excitement. He loved competitions, and this just happened to be something he excelled in. It would be foolish not to enter.

Hurrying home, Doctor Frank went straight to his lab and pulled on his white coat. He selected only the best materials and parts from his private store and set to work. It work him almost a week of careful construction and attention to detail, but the sleepless nights had paid off. His creation was magnificent. A perfect marriage of form and function, with clean lines and that new modern feel everyone was so keen on. He knew the judges would be overjoyed. He was sure to win first place.

The day of the competition arrived and Doctor Frank made his way to the exhibition hall, wheeling his completed project along in front of him, unable to keep the grin off his face. A white cloth over his entry prevented the other contestants from getting a peek as he collected his entrant’s number and waited to be called up.

When Doctor Frank’s name was announced he bounced onto the stage, under glaring lights, before a panel of judges and an auditorium full of eager onlookers. Making a show of bowing to the judges, Doctor Frank grabbed the edge of the cover sheet and whipped it off.

There was silence in the hall as Doctor Frank stood poised, waiting for the applause. He chanced a look at the judges, but rather than the admiration he had expected, their faces bore looks of shock. The members of the audience also looked on in silent horror, as did the lineup of over muscled contestants who couldn’t possibly hope to call themselves doctors.

One of the judges rose from his seat, finally finding his voice. “Doctor Frank, I think you misinterpreted what we meant by body building.”

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