The Winter Queen

Don’t much remember the warm these days. Warm went way-away, with the birds, the cars, and the man who sold papers on the corner. Used to buy papers. Now I sleep in ‘em. Mags sleeps in ‘em too. She’s a good girl. Went looking for food again today. Walked the big road, ash-snow falling down. … More The Winter Queen


The thing about bridges was they had an over and an under. What people tended to forget was there was also an in between. But the go-overs never looked down, and the go-unders never looked up. Worked just fine for me. Meant it usually took them longer to find the bodies. Crows knew about the … More Bridges

Game of Homes

The Spray Brigade marched across the benchtop. Toaster shrunk from their glares. Waffleiron skittered behind him. Only Espresso refused to move out of their way. “Back in line,” Surfacespray ordered. Espresso stood firm on the bench and glared back at the Brigade leader. “You don’t own us,” he said. Lieutenant Mop lunged forward and bashed … More Game of Homes

Midnight Stroll

Gravedigger Pete was not a superstitious man. He’d been working in the graveyard for over forty years now, and not once had he succumbed to the childish ninnying of his fellow workers. The other caretakers always left before nightfall, and sometimes even on cloudy days. But not Pete. He could cross the graveyard at midnight … More Midnight Stroll

Dawn of a New Age

Julius stepped out of the capsule and observed the city before him, sprawled over a number of hills. The locals called it the known world. Julius smiled, as of now, it was his world. “Good morning, sir,” a man said, pausing before Julius. “Your palace awaits you.” Julius grinned. Palace? Yes, investing in an ancient … More Dawn of a New Age