Empire For Sale

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an overlord? Have you ever been tantalised by the thought of running your own empire? Have you ever dreamt of dominion over the masses? Well, now’s your chance to live out the fantasy and cross one of those pesky “what-ifs” off the bucket list.

NEW from the Time Guild, for a limited time only. For the small price of $5000, you can own your very own ancient civilisation!

The future may be where everyone else is heading, but don’t follow the path; pave roads of your own, through Rome! Satisfaction guaranteed, simply use the link below to contact one of our friendly representatives today to place your order, and you could be winging it to the past, with the civilisation of your choice ready and waiting for you to take command.

Don’t delay, enquire today, and secure your future, in the past!

Warning: Control of ancient civilisations my result in change to present and/or future events, including, but not limited to, new wars, change of country and/or continental layout, increases in global warming, the death of your grandfather, loss of your favourite flavour of soup, world domination by psychotic carrots.

Julius read the ad three times, stroking his chin and humming to himself. With a curt nod, he pressed the Enquire Now button at the bottom of the screen. He always did think that the Caesar name should be more popular.

FFM Day 3

Prompt: “for the small price of $5000 you can own your very own ancient civilisation”

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