Rodent on a String

You have items with missing data. Please update missing fields.

“Oh no.” Zeus bit down on his lip and squinted at the message on the screen. The little box was blocking his page. He wanted it gone. He nudged the small rodent until the arrowhead rested on the OK button. He pressed down on the rodent and the offending box disappeared.

Zeus sat up with a grin. That wasn’t so hard. He didn’t know what Hera was always complaining about. Dealing with computators was easy. You just needed to keep pressing on the rodent and everything would work out.

Before Zeus’s smugness could build any higher, another box appeared on his screen, causing him to groan. This one wanted him to put things into boxes. Well, he could do that. He used the arrowhead to select each box, then pressed the letters on the writingselectorpad to fill each one in. Pushing the arrowhead down to the bottom of the box he pressed OK again.

There. Easy. No need to call the grandkids after all.

Another box popped up. Cannot update fields. Item is checked out. Please check in item.

A small amount of steam rose off the top of Zeus’s head. He closed the box and glared at the screen until he finally found a button named Check In.

“Ah,” he said, smile returning. “Silly me.” He dragged the rodent up to the top and pressed on the button.

The box appeared again. Cannot check in item as fields are missing. Please update missing fields.

“What? But I..” Zeus’s fist slammed down on the table.

“Honey, everything all right in there?” Hera’s voice called from the other room.

“Yes, dear. Everything’s fine.” Zeus called back, then continued in a mutter. “Stupid machine. I’ll show you, just you wait. Think I can’t figure you out? I’m the lord of the heavens and you’re a box with a rodent on a string. I will defeat you.”

Zeus pressed on the Update Fields button again and was once more presented with the box. He filled in the missing information and pressed OK.

Cannot update fields. Item is checked out. Please check in item.

Zeus roared and jumped to his feet. Raising an arm to the heavens, he called down a lightning bolt, which struck the box, obliterating it in a shower of sparks. When the smoke faded, all that was left was a melted heap of wires and plastic.

“Honey?” Hera called. “Don’t you think maybe it’s time to call in the brains of the family?”

Zeus seethed at the box puddle for a moment longer, the small rodent still dangling from his hand. Throwing it to the ground, he bellowed, “Athena!”

FFM Day 9

Prompt: Include the following: A everyday object (computer), characters from myth (Zeus, Hera), a modern problem (using computers), something shameful (feelings of inadequacy)

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