Review on Mercy Kill by G. R. Visini


A deadly virus, a mad scientist, a dictatorship, and a rebellion. Put these together with a human subset who spend half their time as animals and you’ve got a wild adventure on your hands, and that is exactly what Mercy Kill by G. R. Visini delivers.

Genetically mutated shapeshifters, known as Lupines, roam the desolate wilderness outside the walled city, while the omnipotent Authorities hunt them down in this dystopian sci-fi that tackles themes of society, survival, and humanity. Rafe, a wolf Lupine, struggles to unite a race that has been cast out and brutalised, and remind them that whatever their second skin might be, under it they are all human.

Mercy Kill is the debut novel from G. R. Visini, and the first in The Silveris Trilogy. The story is told by Rafe, a young man with the world on his shoulders, responsible not only for his own survival, but that of the newly created Lupine species. Surrounded by a cast of characters who vary from loyal diehards, who will fight for Rafe and his cause until the end; to shadowy allies, whose actions will leave the reader guessing as to their real motives. A rugged world of forests and mountains plays backdrop to this tale of oppression, war, hope, and brotherhood that constantly asks the reader: what does it mean to be human?

Though initial impressions might make you think “werewolf genre”, this book is anything but. Forget over-spun forbidden romances and love triangles, Mercy Kill is a gritty web of truth, lies, and brothers-in-arms. This book is an easy read, with characters who are diverse but relatable, and a world that is a far cry from ours, yet with enough haunting similarities it will leave you wondering if it isn’t all too plausible.

Though written for new adults, Mercy Kill would also appeal to teens, and all lovers of dystopian science fiction. Fans of Divergent, The Hunger Games, and Red Rising will feel at home in this book.

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Mercy Kill is available from 30 April 2016

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