Praise the Songbird

I mentioned earlier that the last few weeks had been creative ones. Costuming gave way to painting, which in turn gave way to toy-making. This is not something I had ever tried before, but a long, rainy weekend needed a project, and this is what my mind landed on. I had just finished playing the … More Praise the Songbird

From Super Speed to Slow-Mo – Style and Pacing

It’s time for part two of NaNoPlotMo’s writing prep month. This month we are focusing on pacing. This article was a join effort between myself and co-organizer, Grace Sabella, aka Illuminara. You can read the original post on DeviantArt here.   Using Writing Style to Control Your Story’s Pace Last time, we talked about the big … More From Super Speed to Slow-Mo – Style and Pacing

Are We There Yet – Pacing Your Narrative and Character Arc

It’s October, and that means it’s NaNoPrep month over at NaNoPlotMo. Check out the first workshop of the month on pacing and character arc, written by yours truly, and co-organizer, Grace Sabella, AKA illuminara.   HOW TO PACE SCENE PROGRESSION By  C-A-Harland   The pace of your novel will have a huge impact on how … More Are We There Yet – Pacing Your Narrative and Character Arc

Character Diversity

This week we are focusing on the topic of diversity and how it applies to your writing. For this article, your panelists from the week 1 Live Characterization Discussion Panel are back to share our views with you.   What are diverse characters, and what does it mean to have diversity in your stories? DamonWakes It’s hard … More Character Diversity

Character Proactivity

We’ve all heard about characters being strong, or competent, or flawed, or multi dimensional, but there’s another important character trait to remember: proactivity. A proactive character is someone who moves the plot. Who makes decisions and then acts on them. For the sake of this article we’re going to define this process as “protagging,” a … More Character Proactivity

Characterization Discussion Panel

Welcome to the first ever NaNoPlotMo live discussion. We invite C-A-Harland, illuminara, queenofeagles, and DamonWakes to discuss their views on the creation and development of characters. This month we talk about how visual artwork can play a part in character design; making your characters distinctive, especially in a large cast; characterization in flash fiction and … More Characterization Discussion Panel