FFM16-23 Beware of SAD

“Can anyone tell me the number one long-term hazard in the vigilante business?” the instructor asked the class. “Anyone?” “Gunshot wounds?” the Red Monkey suggested, half-raising a hand. “No,” the instructor said. “Half of you are bullet proof anyway. Come on, the biggest hazard. Who else?” “Broken bones?” Captain Crystal called out. “Lasers!” Gun Girl … More FFM16-23 Beware of SAD

FFM16-22 The Mind

There was no truth before We made it. We took fear. We took prejudice. We took hate, and We dissolved it. We became one source, one truth, one mind. And those who joined Us were happy. Our happiness was pure. The bliss of knowledge, understanding, and unity. And We wanted to share. That was all … More FFM16-22 The Mind

FFM16-21 :D

“There’s a giant smiley face emoticon outside my window.” “Take a picture and put it on Instagram.” “It did. But now there’s 2 of them.” “Put it on Facebook.” “Sure. Except now there’s more.” “Did you Tweet about it?” “Of course. I think there’s like 5 or 6 out there now.” “Srsly? Send me a … More FFM16-21 😀

FFM16-17 The Highest Room in the Tallest Tower

The silver armored knight rode across a shining steed, galloping towards the lone castle. Dark stone towers stretched up like crooked fingers into a dusky sky, and the ground around it was barren and cracked. But the knight did not waver, and instead forged ahead, determined to breach the castle’s keep and free the fair … More FFM16-17 The Highest Room in the Tallest Tower