Midnight Stroll

Gravedigger Pete was not a superstitious man. He’d been working in the graveyard for over forty years now, and not once had he succumbed to the childish ninnying of his fellow workers. The other caretakers always left before nightfall, and sometimes even on cloudy days. But not Pete. He could cross the graveyard at midnight … More Midnight Stroll

The New World Adventures of Skycaptain Resourceful

Skycaptain Resourceful stood on the bow of the Nimbus. Damp air pulled at her hair and ruffled the feathers in her wide-brimmed hat. Green hills rolled miles below the ship, stretching to a smooth line on the horizon.  The Nimbus passed through a cloud, and for a moment the Skycaptain’s view was obscured by white. … More The New World Adventures of Skycaptain Resourceful

Dawn of a New Age

Julius stepped out of the capsule and observed the city before him, sprawled over a number of hills. The locals called it the known world. Julius smiled, as of now, it was his world. “Good morning, sir,” a man said, pausing before Julius. “Your palace awaits you.” Julius grinned. Palace? Yes, investing in an ancient … More Dawn of a New Age

Empire For Sale

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an overlord? Have you ever been tantalised by the thought of running your own empire? Have you ever dreamt of dominion over the masses? Well, now’s your chance to live out the fantasy and cross one of those pesky “what-ifs” off the bucket list. … More Empire For Sale

The Incredible Adventures of Skycaptain Forethought

The large silver serving platter functioned nicely as a makeshift shield. The automaton’s clockwork hand slammed against it, producing a resounding clang that echoed through the high ceilinged chamber. Skycaptain Forethought, the most renown and respected adventurer in the land, laughed from behind the platter-shield. Shoving back on it, he pushed the mechanical man away, … More The Incredible Adventures of Skycaptain Forethought